Recognised Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning acknowledges the full range of an individual's skills and knowledge, irrespective of how it has been acquired. This includes competencies gained through formal study, work experience, employment and other 'life' experiences.

Recognition equates your prior learning to the units of competency required to complete your selected qualification. Prime Training Centre offers all students the opportunity to apply for RPL.

Once a recognition application is assessed, individuals who are granted RPL will be issued with the relevant Units of Competency/qualification/Statement of Attainment as appropriate.

There are two types of applications:

  1. Standard exemptions/credit for previous formally recognised training;
  2. Recognition of work and life experiences, including non-formally recognised training.

Recognition will be granted for units of competency where it can be substantiated that the applicant has achieved the performance criteria. Prime Training Centre will recognise qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by any other Registered Training Organisation (RTO's).

In addition it will include a statement relating to mutual recognition in information to clients and staff. Upon supply of certified qualifications or Statements of Attainment from other RTO's, Prime Training Centre will credit the trainee with that unit/qualification as appropriate.

How to apply for RPL

  • Applications for Recognition should be lodged using the Application for Recognition of Learning form.
  • Collect evidence to support your application.
  • Prepare your evidence portfolio with copies of original documents attached.
  • Submit your application along with your evidence portfolio.
  • The applicant may be invited to attend an interview process to discuss the application.
  • An assessment and verification of the application will be undertaken. (Further information/documentation may be requested for assessment)
  • The applicant is then notified of the assessment decision. Where applicable, credit will be given and recorded for identical units of competence completed elsewhere. Exemptions will be granted and recorded for achievement of the equivalence of a unit of competence. A Statement of Attainment will also be issued.
  • Applicants may appeal a decision. Appeals should be lodged with Prime Training Centre following the 'Complaints and Appeals' procedure set out in the Student Information Manual.
  • A RPL non refundable fee of $300 is to be submitted with application and your portfolio. A receipt will be issued upon receipt of payment.